Ready to put on a Showcase?!

Become an exhibitor! 

Are you ready to set up an showcase at Marketing on Main? Here is what you need to know!

  1. Do you own a business you LOVE & do you offer products &/or services that help others?
  2. Are you able to set up a showcase that is interactive? More then flyers, & business cards? 
  3. Are you open to being apart of a team and work with the MonM family to invite and send out invites? 
  4. Are you able to help with the split the cost of the venue... by affording $25 to $300 per showcase. (Depending on venue & # of showcases)

If you said YES to all the above then Marketing on Main is for you!! 

Here is how to sign up! 

  1.  Click on the event date you would like to be a part of. (See links below)
  2. Click on "Find Tickets" on the Facebook event page.
  3. Hit the Green "Ticket" button
  4. Sign up for the waitlist for "I Want to be a showcase!" 

Upcoming Events! 

Here is a list of our upcoming events:
End of 2018 season!